Friday, January 29, 2010

Hamster Wheel

5:45 am, wake up from Forrest. Breast feed, put him down, take a shower as my alarm is set to go off at 6:05 anyways.
6:20-7:00 Collect Forrest's things for day care, sneak in a cup of coffee, make Forrest's food for the day including breakfast for the car, talk with the hubby.
7:20: Forrest wakes back up...happy baby! Get him dressed for the day, load him in the carseat. It's breakfast on the road for us. Anwser call as I'm still on call for work.
7:35-Out the door. Run over our dog's foot on the way out. Already an eventful day....more on that later. Ugggh.
7:35-8:45 Drive into town, drop Forrest off to his 2nd day EVER at day care. Chat, visit, enjoy the 3 other kiddies giving him love and saying hi, make my exit at 9:00

9:05-Step into office 5 minutes late, (as usual.) Start seeing patients. Hernias, gallbladders, hospital calls, varicose veins, ER calls, post-surgical patients, fellow employees with earaches, you name it, we got it.
11ish...sometime in this hour get another cup of coffee, pee, briefly think about my lack of water consumption, but is all lost with the chatter box vein patient, and my little lady with a cold pulse less foot. Coffee is never consumed. Manage to fill out lunch order for a salad and cheeseless personal veggie and chicken pizza, ( to counteract my COMPLETE lack of exercise this week, does this work...I think not).
12-2-no lunch, continue seeing patients. Manage to inhale the pizza while waiting on hold for a radiologist. Briefly think of Forrest and how he is doing, and about my poor dog's foot...and about pumping, that never happens today...
2-5:09-More paitents, some sent for urgent CT scans, more surgery scheduled, more phone calls, more urgent add ons, my morning coffee finally gets consumed with some oh so healthy Swedish Fish and a Reeses peanutbutter cup, more vein treatment, more pus, more admits, and thankfully more discharges over the phone. And on to the hospital to see our little lady with a bowel obstruction ripping out her IV. Calm talking. A sense of reason. A dash out the hospital to get to Forrest by 5:15.
5:17-A little boy happy to see his mama. And also super super TIRED.
5:25-5:40-Drive around the block, Forrest falls asleep. Go back to office, talk and see patient with a DVT. reassure.
6:00-Check on Forrest, still asleep
6-6:45- Call patients, pharmacies, doctors. Load up charts in car for people I saw on tues/thurs to dictate over the weekend. Worry about patient I have getting CT at hospital. Haven't gotten a call back. Check Forrest twice, still asleep, exhausted little guy.
6:45-7:50-Drive home. Talk on phone majority of the way to Dr. P, pharmacy, patient at hospital, give CT results, put on antibiotics, pain meds. Discuss with radiologist, call hospital to give orders.
Get gas, almost on empty. Forrest wakes up. Give him his juice and feed him cheerios. Try to breath and clear my head. Almost home.
8:00 -9:00-Home sweet home. Kiss husband who is still working on project. Find dinner for little boy who's schedule is TOTALLY WACKED by his crazy mama,, make some DELICIOUS spinach grilled cheese sandwiches with apple sauce on the side. Give him his dose of antibiotics for his ear infection. He sucks it down like the champ he is. Put him down to sleep. 30 minutes later, sucess, thanks to the hubby.
I can't say a day like today is good for one's health....
P.S.- Steele, our elderly dog, I think is okay. Alex has told me he is using his hind leg ever so much, but with a huge limp. Double ugggh.......


Sheelagh said...

Oh Katie! I just realized that I need your phone number. Not that you have time, but I would love to "hig" you over the phone rather than the's just so impersonal!!! HAHA
I do hope your day isn't always like this and that you get more time for yourself and your baby and with your hubby. I too have had days like this and I usually meltdown by noon. I don't see "meltdown" on your schedule so you did GREAT!!
Do give yourself a break about Forest though. He is thriving and you are doing a great job. It's OK for him to have a "wacked" schedule now and then. He will be a flexible person for it. He's already an awesome boy. You are an awseome mom!

Sheelagh said...

hig = hug :-)

Amy Musser said...

what a day!

Ashley said...

Sounds so very busy!! but you can do it!!!

Fultmeyer Clan said...

Thanks all. In looking back it wasn't all that bad, as the day flew by, but as I said, it just didn't feel too good as far as my personal health goes. Felt like I was putting years onto my life. I guess I'm lucky I got to come home that night and wasn't on call, and that Forrest meshed with my schedule and slept in the car for so long. And yes sheelagh, phone calls would be nice. I'll finally get an email to you with the info. But again, thanks for commiserating everyone...