Monday, December 13, 2010

18 weeks

This little bean is a growing baby! All is well here on the prego side of things. I'm growing by leaps and bounds it seems as my little squirt or squirtess is busy growing and kicking! Yes, I can definitively say I have felt the tiny kicks...and some more major kicks, perhaps some punches from the little one. It's funny but the first time I was absolutely positive was just last night on the plane, with Forrest's head in my lap, as he was soundly sleeping, (finally....) away. Almost as if his little sibling was getting back at him when he had the chance. Forrest is a bit boisterous lately, and I almost have to guard the belly from bodily harm. A sign of things to come with these two siblings I'm sure!
I'm feeling well, my appetite is great, (i.e. chowing down a foot long sub with no difficulty at all...ugggh.), and of course the other pregnancy symptoms of constant urination, fatigue, and the popping belly button have come but are managable!
So, big events in the future, the half way point! 20 weeks is less than two weeks away. And a few days after that we get to sneak a peak at our little Fultmeyer's gender...
boy? girl? what do you think?

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Sheelagh said...

I'm going to take a wild guess, based on nothing at all and say boy. I just think that any little bean who is willing to kick their brother in the head while sleeping, must be a brother. A sister would NEVER do anything like that! They would just cry loudly in his ear!! HAHAHA
Just jokin! I have no idea, but am excited to find out. THANK YOU for giving all your fans this wonderful joy of knowing who your baby is...I know how annoying us non lookers can be!!! :-)