Monday, December 13, 2010

Thawing out in Santa Barbara

ice cream on the pier

beach bum...:-)

sandy toes
A beautiful weekend was in store for us in Santa Barbara. We left our extremely chilly and rainy northern California home for absolute paradise. I really think it had been a couple of weeks since our white bodies had even seen the sun let alone felt its warmth.
Good rowing buddy Sarah Dreger got married and we were honored and excited to attend the festivities. The weekend was a quick one...only two full days, but we packed in lots of beach time, visiting with Tammy and her little cutie Graham, and of course the wedding fun.
Forrest showing his studly wedding look

The tired but happy parents, on 3 hours of sleep, (early early flight!)

Family shots are hard to come by!

the beautiful bride!

First Dance, crappy shot, but they were so happy!
cutting the cake!
The back of Sarah's beautiful gown, she had awesome red heels too...

Graham, Forrest, and Mr. Turtle

The buddies, eying each other on their favorite, the swings!

old rowing buddies, now mama's!


Sheelagh said...

A big WHOOT! for the SB rowing clan!!! Yeah!!
It's crazy that we were just there. I wish we could have been in paradise at the same time. But am thankful for the lovely wedding shots you shared. Dreger (as in coach to me!) looks happy and oh so beautiful and so does your sweet family in your tanks, in the sun, on the beach...AHHHHH!

Ashley said...

Looks like fun! And so cool you got to meet up with everyone!

Alison Willis said...

What a great time! Looking at those pictures make me yearn for santa barbara- did you go to IV? Did you get a breakfast burrito? A bagel cafe bagel? Or Natural cafe salad? Why are all my SB memories of food???

I am so glad you shared pics of sarah's wedding - she looked so beautiful!

Seeing tammy and meeting graham must have been awesome! What a treat! I feel like I know all of your guys' kids from the blogs and facebook. It is truly amazing!

We really should get them all together- this year at SDCC may not work because you and sheelagh will already/almost have your new ones- maybe next year!
For now... we blog!