Monday, December 6, 2010

Sweet Moments, all for my head...Christmas, Toddlers, and the little mango!

This weekend is one of those that 1,000 beautiful pictures should have been the result. Christmas with Forrest is truly a great experience this year. And yet, we're having a camera crisis currently. Our two newest cameras, (one of which is only 4 months old....grrrr...) have their automatic focus on the fritz and won't even function enough to give me the opportunity to try a blurry shot. Technology at its best.
And, my fish loving hubby if off duking it out with the salmon again and took our oldest digital.
So, the result, lots of beautiful "memory" shots for this mama's head.
And the best follow...
***Forrest decorating sugar cookies for the first time! I can't say it was an entirely peaceful and fun experience. We went from exhilarating shrieks to tears in a matter of seconds as I tried to "control" the situation as best as I could. This morning I still found red sugar in my ear...No Joke!!!
***Forrest "helping" put up the Christmas lights around the hearth. He kept holding the lightbulbs up to his nose, you could see the twinkle in his eye!
***Our search today for a Christmas tree on our property. He was dressed in a cute sweater and despite the lack of finding the "perfect" tree we had a blast.
***Forrest dancing to Christmas carols. His little jig cracks me up! This one HAS to be a video when the camera situation gets solved.

So, still no camera. I might take matters in my own hands and shell out for a new one...
As this means no belly pics for all of you of the newest Fultmeyer baby!
I do happen to have a two week old pic....I think I was 15 weeks here. Still a crappy picture. And I now realize that taking a belly shot in black, with a black window backing you up just does NOT do you justice. But again, it's what I have!
 I am of course a tad, (okay a LOT, in my eyes anyways!) bigger with my belly currently, but this is close...
Feeling great. Really in the "Honeymoon stage" of my pregnancy I believe. I just have to make sure to drink enough water, (always a fault of mine!), eat when I'm hungry, (or I on our Christmas tree walk today, I was ready to eat the bark off the trees...) and get my sleep. The rest is easy at the moment...sweetness....


Sheelagh said...

You look great! It is a tough call in the black on black picture, but still you look great! I know how you feel on all accounts...belly being bigger as well as trouble drinking water and needing food right when you NEED it!

Jody said...

I KNEW IT! Congratulations, very exciting!!!!