Saturday, December 25, 2010

A sneak peak in pictures of a magical day...

Grandpa helps out with his first remote control car

happy boy!

A biker is born!

Mom even gets into the RC car...!

first fishing rod of many...
our cutie rocking elf
VERY happy family...

Forrest was truly overwhelmed with his first Christmas where he actually knew SOMEWHAT of what was going on. His little face when he saw his Santa gifts was priceless. He just stood and stared at all of it for awhile, stared at us...and his first gut instinct I guess said...TRAIN SET!!!! But fun times with the rocking horse, bike, and the rest of his gifts lasted all day. What a magical day with both sets of grandparents, great food, and all of us enjoying the time in our little cozy house.
The Christmas spirit was thick over here...:-)

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