Friday, December 24, 2010

The peaceful wee hours of Christmas...

 Merry Christmas from our home to yours! We wish you the best of health, peace, and happiness. My parents, (aka Santa's elves...) are visiting and it's been a busy Christmas Eve.
 Bikes have been worked on, (Santa needed a little assistance of FORREST's first BIKE!!! WOOHOOO!)
Can you tell this mama is excited...?
 Train sets have been magically appearing...along with rocking horses who like to stop by!

All for this super happy and amazing little boy!

They say as you get older, Christmas looses its magic. 
I will be one of the most magic things of all to wake up tomorrow and see this little face...:-)


Ashley said...

Looks like Forrest made out! Merry Christmas!

Alison Willis said...

Gosh. he is just growing up in front of our eyes... what a big boy. I imagine it was a very merry christmas!!!