Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Garden Masterminds Taking a Gander...

Flowering artichokes in the foreground with the two masterminds conversing over coffee.
 This morning Matt and Alex took a little garden walk through to assess the status of our wonderful veggies growing away. While they discussed the correct ratios of fertilizer, adjustments on the drip irrigation, and marveled at the wonderful corn that is shooting up at an amazing rate, I took the time to snap a few photos in the morning light.
MMMM, sweet corn in 1 months time?? We can only hope!

dewdrops on our asparagus plants

flowering pole beans climbing our teepee

A ton of green tomatoes! How long will it be till the red starts to creep out?
We actually have NOTHING in the garden now ripe to eat, minus a few strawberries. This is the waiting time, especially with our late summer. But oh in a month or so, it will be a great feast!


Sheelagh said...

Your home and garden and piece of no-man's land make me salivate. It make me dream......We are starting the ssssssllloowwww thought of maybe, possibly, on a dream, move down to Northern Cali , some day, some day, maybe, but don't tell anyone. hahahaha

Jody said...

Beautiful, dreamy, pictures!

Ashley said...

I love the lighting on the garden pics! Looks lovely!