Wednesday, July 4, 2012

'Ode to Aunt Nat and Happy 4th Everyone!

Just a little check in here as we take off to our neighbors for our own little ""Block Party" (?dirt road party??) Alex, Matt (come visit him friends!!) and Forrest just took off on the quad and T baby is finishing up on a evening cat nap, so we'll be joining him soon.
Today we went to the Arcata 4th of July Festival with both kiddies and Forrest fell in love with fire trucks all over again. He was lucky enough to ride on TWO old timey trucks around the city, first in the back with Mom and last up front helping drive with Dad. He then wanted a chance to ride on the BIG truck with the mammoth ladder, (how tall is that thing anyways Nat?) We told him he would have to ask his Aunt about that one, given her firefighting expertise in Massachusetts. We may need an insider for that request!

And...there is little T baby waking up from his evening nap. Hopefully he will be a fully recharged 13 month old for the neighborhood fireworks session with goodies and drinks. Gotta love the River Bender neighborhood! Happy 4th of July everyone!!!

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