Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kings River 2012

Our annual family reunion/camping trip was last weekend and the kiddies had a blast! Despite the fact our little guys live next to their own river, the fact that they got to camp on the Kings River surrounded by 30 + family members all celebrating birthdays, vacations, and the like was very cool. Add in boat rides, homemade ice cream, pinata's, the best slip 'n slide EVER and loving aunties, cousins, Granny's, and Grandpa's and you have a memorable trip! (minus the toddler and baby meltdowns, and mama meltdown's just to mix it up a bit ;-)
Pictures follow....
Cousin Chelsea giving the two little's a ride!

Best baby cousins...Talin and Troy

River Fun with Grandpa
Aunt Meg and Mike

My crazy boy ;-)

Yummo birthday cake!!!

Once the Kindergarten teacher, ALWAYS the kindergarten teacher!!!
Best birthday cake ever!!! Thanks Mom!

Happy Birthday to me!!!
Grandma Sheila joins in on the birthday fun

Talin loving the sand fun

"Papa" and Forrest, enjoying the boat

Alex got a little wrapped up in our sea serpent!

Great boat ride with Uncle Jesse

Forrest and Alex get to drive!

I'm ready Mom!!!

Sea serpent fun

River boys

Loving Troy's Trike....this may be in our future!

Fun with Aunt Meg

Chelsea on the BEST slip n slide ever!!!

Little Cole having fun

Beautiful preggo Jen and Kyle carrying baby boy # how many? for family!

Jesse and Janet....newly retired and looking very nice!

Whew, if you're exhausted by the pictures you have a right to be! And this is minus float fun, ski ride craziness, flip cup action, pinata play, homemade ice cream deliciousness, and a ton of other great stuff. All of that crammed into 2.3 days. Fun times, great people, and the Kings River will always be there for us come next year :-)

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