Sunday, July 15, 2012

Granny is Here!!! and...Wonderful Neighborhood Beach BBQ's, and......Summer is Wonderful....etc. etc.

Talin and Grandma Gloria enjoy the shade

The most wonderful neighborhood beach party!

Baby Talin, Matt, and Granny enjoying the sand

Forrest and friend Bryce having a kiddie cocktail at our neighbor's wonderful deck overlooking the river

The two grandma's and T baby enjoying the garden strawberries
My mom is here for her annual summer visit. It is SO nice when she is here, I really cannot fully put it in words! It would be incredibly nice to have her closer her ALL the time, (Hint Hint!!)
But, nonetheless, we enjoy her summer visits immensely. We are enjoying our river life here more than ever. With the kiddies, it is so hard to travel, and the fact we live in a place where most people travel to vacation is wonderful for our current life! July and August are paradise up paradise, but great overall with the river flowing by.
With our little neighborhood group and their fabulous houses and outdoor spaces they love to share, all of our family and friends visiting, and the river and the fun that goes with it, we are soaking it up!

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Sheelagh said...

I am so sad we missed you this year! So so so SAD! I waved on our way by, via I-5...and shed a little tear. I wanted to screw the quick trip home and take a turn up to Salyer instead, but oh how nice it is to be home a day before John heads off to work. A day of rain, but none the less a good day to be home, a good day to work,etc.
But still...I miss you and your amazing crew and lovely home and beautiful river and yummy food!!! Last year's visit was a slice of heaven and I hope we can get together again soon. If not for us, then for the little boys to enjoy one another (or to get their boy aggression out, either way!). XOXOXOXO