Monday, July 23, 2012

Granny and Grandpa boat the Trinity with Forrest!

Today was a special day. It was Forrest's very first time in a paddle boat down our river. AND....his Granny and Grandpa were along for the ride along with myself! Yep, veteren boater Alex held down the fort with baby T as we braved the near 100 degree heat, miles of lovely river, and those BIG, (okay, so really smallish!) rapids. But, with my own Mom and my 3 year old in the boat, those smaller rapids seemed all the sudden pretty tricky!
Everyone did great! My Dad and I rowed us down 10 miles of river, Forrest did as well as a 3 year old could do and even swam with his lifejacket in the river, and my Mom was our Pilot...or coxswain...or just our leader, keeping us all in line :-)
We picnicked, enjoyed several dives off rocks, and braved the rapids.
Forrest enjoyed the front of the raft the whole way!

Granny and Grandpa

Squirt gun fights are never ending for this kid!

The whole crew!

Finding the perfect jumping rocks

Granny, holding down the fort...errr....boat...

Grandpa....river diving, it's an Olympic sport right! A perfect 10!!!!

"Best dive all year...."

Forrest found his own sauna...;-)

Granny, the leader of our ship!

Forrest takes a cooling dunk :-)
First trip of many for this family I do hope!

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Sheelagh said...

SOOOO cool! What fun!!