Saturday, July 6, 2013

Carpe Diem...Summer/Family Style!

Family, nothing better! Am amazing day with Granny and Papa on our river beach

A peak at our day, beer and kids running wild on the river...FUN!

Forrest the squirt gun guru!

this kid has it rough...watermelon in a swing on the river....WOW!

Yummy Watermelon!

The fight is on!

Forrest pegs Papa!

I wonder who got what they deserved?

Fun on the kayak

The squirt gun demolition team!

Mom gets a chance to take an evening post dinner dive


The "terrible two's" have hit, Talin style, (which really isn't so terrible at all...;-)


So much fun!

Papa getting warmed up!

The amazing waterfight duo, Granny and Papa!

Crawdad, Talin style!

Get that invisible pirate, get him!!!!!

The Match!

Granny pegs 'Papa before he can react!

'Papa gets Forrest good in the 'earball'......

The epic water fight is fought till the bitter end....

And Dad retreats......
And thus comes another end to the epic beach day, Fulton/Stollmeyer Style...oh of course except add a dinner of BBQ chicken apple sausage/sauteed summer squash/and pasta salad capped with homemade watermelon, Yummo!
We will all sleep well tonight!

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Sheelagh said...

Perfect! How wonderful and beautiful and amazing! Ahhhh! Lovely. Glad you are enjoying the summer!!