Saturday, July 13, 2013

Old Friends...

It's so nice to keep in touch with old friends. Friends from the past, pre kiddies, pre marriage, when I had very different goals and aspirations. I don't keep in touch with many in person, but the ones I do I'm very thankful for.

Jess went to PA school with me. She now works at CPMC as a hepatology and liver clinic PA, has worked her way up to management level, and it's always so interesting and and wonderful to hear how wonderful her and her husband Joe are doing.

They happened to be headed up to the Trinity Lake area and we jumped at the opportunity to meet them. We met and a super cute river side cafe and restaurant called the Straw House. It is by far the BEST, (and only...for 35 miles each direction!) place to eat while you enjoy a gorgeous view of the river. Complete with almond milk green berry smoothies, gourmet wonderful coffee, all the local wonderful wine and microbrews, and wood fired pizza with a great selection of salads.  Yummo, not much more to really tell! Except, who's next? If you're in the area, we'd love to meet you here too! ;-)
We had a great, albeit short, 2 hour visit where we caught up on life, they caught up on the kiddos, and we got to meet their kiddo pup who is a sweet heart!
It's rare anyone is in our neck of the woods so I love to jump at the opportunity and have a little catching up/ social time in person!
As a bonus we got a family picture taken where we are ALL looking at the camera. Miraculous and worth a celebration in its own right...

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