Monday, July 1, 2013

Kings River Annual Extravaganza

Sending all the family off for the float!

Talin and I made the trek down the the Kings River in the heart of central Cal last weekend and boy did we have fun. I had made the decision to just take one kiddo as Alex could not make the trip this year and both parents elected to have Talin be my partner and Forrest to stay and do big boy things with Dad at home. We all had fun in our respected  places and Talin did great in his first real camping experience, (though who are we kidding I often feel like our home is one giant camping trip!!)
But really though, he did great with 40+ family memebers, most who he had never met, camping around him. He loved to wander up to his bigger cousins just wanting to be part of the action and play with them. He also, I think, really did well without the constant big brother influence. For the first time he was truly his own being and he did great! Other than he very picky eating tendencies, (a phase he's going through at home and away!) he did great, playing in the sand, skipping naps without grouchy moments, taking boat rides, and meeting family he had never really met before.

I love my family and I love this trip. I didn't get a float trip down the river this year, nor did I get a ski ride, but I had a great time with my family and cousins and that's what counts.
Till next year Kings River!
Float goers the Dickerson family with Brenna and little brother to be wait for final send off...

Rick, Kyle, and Ryan drive the historic float Mobile...the Great White Truck...
Checking out the paddle board with the young one, (he wasn't quite the fan yet...)

afternoon river cruise

Talin and Papa get a boat ride

I brought the trademark BBQ salmon to share :-)

"I'm Grandma's Favorite!!!"--All my cousins and I were given "special shirts" by my awesome Grandma truly showing who is the favorite... ;-)

Talin gets his Aunt Megan time

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