Monday, July 1, 2013

Granny is here, Granny is here!

I was lucky enough to bring back my Mom from our annual King's River trip to stay with us for awhile during her summer break.
Forrest is SO excited, and couldn't say enough about his Granny, the super long back rubs she was going to give him, and how much he missed her "so much!"

So far we've endured a rainy few days on the ranch, a crazy work and call week for this mama, and now a heat wave...oh yes, and all the sweet moments of night time cuddling with books in Granny's bed, sweet coast beach trips where we beat the heat and happened to find a sand sculpture contest, pool side afternoons, evening walks, and everything else in between.

 My parents live 12 hours away, (California is a LONG state!) so summer time is awesome as we always get at least one good visit with my Mom to look forward to.

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